How Centenary State High increased student confidence and autonomy with Atomi

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Adapting to change and increasing student confidence and autonomy. An Atomi Partner School story: Centenary State High School, Queensland.

The Challenge

Since its opening in 1999, Centenary State has been committed to its mission, “to empower students for individual success”, inspiring students with the confidence they need to be autonomous learners. However, with the re-introduction of external QCE exams, the school implemented new senior subjects for the first time, which brought with it several unknowns about how the students were going to respond to the increased content knowledge required of them.​​

Throughout Year 12, it can feel like there isn’t enough time to learn all of the information needed for those massive external exams.
— Year 12 Student

Centenary State was looking for a tool that would assist students in tackling the challenges of the new senior system. With high-stakes exams, they saw the need for students to spend more time revising, tracking their own learning, and feeling empowered. Atomi was the tool they needed, presented in an easy to use interface.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by information --  and even if you aren’t -- then Atomi is an absolute must have! I used the resource to tackle my Specialist Maths, Math Methods and Chemistry subjects and was thrilled with the results. A great tool for studying smart and reducing stress, and a reminder on how to love what you learn. I would never have achieved a 98.45 ATAR without it.
— Year 12 Student


Centenary State uses Atomi as a value-add to in-class learning, and a revision tool to assist with exam preparation. Since the trial period, their students have been absolutely on board with Atomi, unlike any other new tool they have ever introduced.

Atomi is a fabulous resource for student learning, particularly when it comes to the revision of concepts and at home learning. The videos are also good teacher resources when learning new concepts to teach to students.
— Karyn Abrahan, Mathematics and Science Teacher

Atomi has given the school’s senior students increased confidence in tackling the demands of the senior curriculum. Teachers have noted this engagement, motivating them to use the platform regularly in their teaching, both in and out of the classroom.

I love Atomi—the videos are engaging and cover exactly what the students need to know for Biology. It reduces my planning time and I have switched from PowerPoints to using the Atomi videos. I then get students to do the quizzes and use the information on the videos (which they can pause) to answer questions or complete a range of tasks to cement their learning. For me, it reduces the ‘chalk and talk’ and increases students' working and engagement in the lesson.
— Catherine Davidson, Science Teacher


With Atomi, students have been able to take greater control of their own learning by having a tool that they enjoy using, is easy to understand and gives them instant feedback. The school credits Atomi with helping every single year 12 Science student receiving a passing grade in 2020.

Atomi covers most things that we learn in class while taking less time and only presenting me with important definitions and examples, etc. When I watch the videos I can rewind it if I missed something or didn't fully understand it the first time, whereas in class I feel more deterred from asking questions for clarification. Learning content on my own at home can feel more comfortable than in a class with the other students since I can learn at my own pace. Atomi has genuinely been one of the most useful learning tools that the school has provided.
Year 11 Student
  • School Type:  State High School
  • Established: 1999
  • Students: 1740
  • Teaching staff: 125

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Published on

November 24, 2021

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