The ultimate teaching and learning platform for high school

Engaging Ontario curriculum-specific content, continuous assessment tools and powerful intelligence to drive real student outcomes.

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Atomi helps students, teachers and schools work better together through technology.

With technology-enabled classrooms, students and teachers can be more effective in driving in every aspect of the teaching and learning journey.

Deliver incredible learning experiences

Empower teachers to deliver compelling lessons, understand how their class is performing and support individual learning pathways.

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Meaningfully engage students

Enable students to deeply understand content, build skills, track progress towards learning goals and identify exactly where they can improve through self-paced or class-paced learning.

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Implement modern pedagogies

Atomi facilitates schools to implement modern teaching and learning pedagogies, empower data-informed instruction, increase student engagement and improve student outcomes.

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Dr Peter Webster a Catholic College principal.
“It has given us our time back so we can spend it on things that really matter.”

Dr Peter Webster

High School Principal

Easy-to-use features to match your teaching needs

Quality content built specifically for you

Developed with expert teachers, skilled designers and the latest in pedagogical research and educational design. Loved by high school students with engagement and accessibility front of mind.

Curriculum-specific content

Short videos and interactive lessons are easy to understand, engaging from start to finish, backed by the latest research and specific to Ontario curriculum expectations.

Focus on application

Course time is dedicated to exploring how content is applied in assessments and real-life scenarios to ensure students can apply their knowledge outside the classroom.

Nicole Morton

Assistant Principal

Teachers have found that the use of the videos in class has improved student understanding and application of skills.

Atomi works with what you already have

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Why schools choose Atomi

Flexible, easy-to-use platform

No matter what teaching and learning pedagogy you want to implement, Atomi makes it simple.

Student engagement comes first

Atomi is designed to meaningfully engage students in their learning, leading to happier classrooms and better student outcomes. Students truly love us.

Atomi works

Atomi improves student scores by an average of 11.2% over time. Taking them one step closer to their goals.

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