25 HSC related questions you’re dying to know the answers to (Part 1)

Danielle Barakat

Community Manager at Atomi


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So we asked around and apparently these are questions all of you new Year 12’s are dying to know the answers to so we took a shot. Here you go:

1. Should I be reading my prescribed texts in year 12 or is it a waste of time?

Look, a lot of students do well without doing this, but I would recommend that you do. The more time you have to understand them, the better and it prevents future you from having any guilt.

2. Should I be making notes as I go?

100% yes.

3. What are some study strategies that can be implemented in the lead up to an exam?

  • Going over your notes from class
  • Making your own complete set of notes
  • Doing practice papers and questions

4. Should I submit short answers for feedback as well as extended responses?

Yes definitely! The marker is looking for something so specific with short answers so you may as well get your techniques and structure down. Any feedback is helpful.

5. Is it too much doing more than 1 major work?

If you know that you’re organised and can stay on top of it all year, then it’s not a big deal if you have more than 1 major work. BUT if you’re not organised then it can easily become a nightmare.

6. Sharing notes with my friends? Yes or no...

We don’t have a problem with this but first consider these two points:

  • If you use someone else’s notes you are going to miss out on a pretty important method of studying, i.e. note writing
  • Collaboration is great but there are more effective ways of studying with your friends than note sharing
  • Taking notes from a friend can be a bit risky… how do you know the information they’ve got in them is right in the first place?

7. What should I do in the afternoons when the workload is low?

Just because you’re in year 12, doesn’t mean you need to be studying 100% of the time. If you have done everything you need to do, then feel free to have a few chill days.

8. If I am struggling should I get a tutor?

Having a one-on-one tutor can be great but they can be expensive. I would recommend asking your teacher for advice and help first. There are other methods, i.e. watching our videos to start or even asking other people in your year who understand the concepts to sit and help you out. If none of those work, then, yes, by all means, get a tutor.

9. How often should I do past papers?

Depends on the time of year. Right now it doesn’t make sense to do full past papers because you haven’t learnt the content yet. My advice is to wait until you have finished a topic and then sit down and do some practice questions (not a whole paper). When bigger sets of exams come up this is when you should be doing whole past papers more frequently.

10. How do you balance social and life and getting a good mark?

Create a study timetable and schedule in everything you need to do, then you’ll be able to see what weekends you have free to do things with your friends. In exam periods be strict with yourself, but at other times of the year as long as you’re getting your work done and are happy with the quality, hit up any social event you like.

11. Do my year 11 marks count?

No, they don’t count towards your ATAR but they do count towards your RoSA (Record of School Achievement).

12. Do I need to remember the content from year 11?

In some subjects yes, i.e. Maths and Chemistry. But what you should be remembering from year 11 are the fundamental ideas and skills you learnt.


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November 1, 2018

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