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Join in on our mission to unlock the world's potential by optimising the way we teach and learn.

Get a feel for work-life at Atomi

Whether you’re working from home or in our centrally located office in Sydney, Australia, it’s our goal to make everyone feel welcome.

More than just a job

We’ve developed a range of benefits with our people in mind. Intent on providing flexibility and freedom, we believe each benefit contributes to the success of our happy, healthy and engaged team culture.

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Flexible work

We support flexible work practices that enable our team to do their best work whilst having time to get the most out of our personal lives.

Ultimate Leave

Our Ultimate Leave policy offers permanent team members unlimited paid time off.

Parents at Atomi

We’re passionate about providing an inclusive workplace that supports all team members in managing priorities. We also celebrate the diversity of all the family groups that make up the Atomi team.

Opportunities to connect

A connected team equals an engaged team, so we create remote-friendly, inclusive events to encourage collaboration and social connection.

Referral bonuses

We know that amazing people know other amazing people. So each time you make a referral, and they join our team, we’ll reward you with a bonus.

Atomi access

Free access to the Atomi learning experience for you and your family.

Equipment set-up

We set you up for success no matter where you work.

Office comforts

Our office is complete with a relaxing lounge, fantastic technology, a variety of snacks, drinks and Friday tunes.

Wellness and wellbeing

We prioritise our team’s wellbeing and have created a range of initiatives to support our people every day.

Meet the teams that make Atomi

We love all teams. Explore ours and find the perfect fit for you.

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Customer Support

Inspiring a love for learning by delivering support and care to our students, teachers and parents everywhere.


A cross-disciplinary group building best-in-class brand and user experiences that delight our customers.

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Educational Content

Engaging content is central to everything we do here and at the core of driving our mission forward every day.

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Engineering, Data and AI/ML

Challenging work with super powerful impact, driven by core principles like operational excellence, reliability and safe, ethical practices.

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Pushing the needle to ensure our resources are put to good use while driving measurable value to help achieve our goals.

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Crafting compelling assets with teams across the business to grow our brand, ensuring our products and resources get seen and heard about.

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People and Operations

Creating a first-class, values-driven culture and shaping our future through talented people, efficient processes and thoughtful practices.

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Championing the customer with a passion for understanding the needs of students and teachers and translating them into market-leading products.

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Sales and Success

Building meaningful connections with our customers and playing an integral role in driving revenue to reach our business goals.

Alissa Stark

Educational Content Ops Manager

The mix of people that Atomi draws together creates a unique melting pot of personalities, all bringing their individual experiences and a heck of a lot of brainpower to the table!

Have more questions?

How do you hire?

We hire people who are good at what they do. But just as important, are a good match for us. We look for people with a genuine passion for Edtech and our company values so they can ruthlessly prioritise and innovate to achieve quality at speed. We value a passion for fearlessly empowering others and those capable of thriving in a collaborative team environment in a fast-paced, scale-up environment.

Do you offer flexible working arrangements?

Yes! We support flexible work practices so our team can do their best work whilst getting the most out of their personal lives. See some of the ways we enable this through our benefits.

Where's the Atomi headquarters?

In Sydney, Australia. Centrally located to all that the city has to offer, you can find top-rated restaurants, green spaces like Victoria Park, Broadway Shopping Centre and easily accessible public transport links.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Our talent team will guide you through your interview journey. A great place to start is to reflect on our company values and consider how they align with yours.

Is your hiring process accessible?

We’re committed to providing fair adjustments to all individuals participating in our application and interview process.

We value people. If we take care of them, they'll take care of our customers.

Lise Townsend, VP of Design

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