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Friday, October 29 marks World Teachers’ Day in Australia, a day to recognise and celebrate our nation’s incredible teachers. At Atomi, we want to say thank you to our educators for all of your hard work and dedication to education. One of our driving values is “inspiring a love of learning” and this is exactly what teachers do. Each and every day, you’re supporting students to realise their potential and be the best they can be.

At Atomi, we want our thank you to extend beyond just today. After speaking to some of our awesome partner teachers, it’s clear that one thing they’re all lacking is time. While we can’t put more hours in the day, we have created a Study Pack containing free classroom resources that will give you some time back to focus on what matters most.

You can use these resources as lessons to teach your students important study skills, or simply pick and choose the ones you want to share with them for their own use.

What’s included?

We’ve included a range of resources applicable to different areas and study skills.

Cognitive Verbs Worksheet

In this series of videos, we’ll unpack the entire taxonomy of key terms or action words your students need to know. These verbs are the key to understanding the syllabus and unlocking exactly what is required of students when answering any given exam question.

Cornell Notes Template

Taking notes isn’t just about getting things down on paper. The structure of students’ notes can help them to understand ideas, and make for simple and effective revision when exams come around. Cornell Notes are a format for note-taking that does all of this!

You can share our video on How to Take Cornell Notes, then print out the template for your students to use.

Exam Revision Checklists

Preparing for exams is always a stressful time for students, as well as teachers! We’ve included resources to help prepare and revise for exams, so that students don’t miss anything important. This includes a Past Paper Checklist, so they can take note of any important practice papers they need to complete, record their marks as they go and take notes of any important reminders or learnings.

Study Plan Template

Our Study Plan Template is one of Atomi’s most popular and highly sought after resources. Paired with our Making a Study Plan video, the Study Plan Template can be used by students to create a study plan for their upcoming exams.

Time Management Planners

As we all know, time management and overcoming procrastination are important skills for students to develop. Learning how to balance their time will help not only with completing homework and studying now, but will also set them up for success in their tertiary studies and future careers. You might even want to use them, too!

Along with our video on Strategies for Smashing Procrastination, we’ve included our Time Boxing Daily Planner and Pomodoro Planner, so your students can plan a productive day!

How can I access these resources?

All you need to do is download the ZIP file below. This contains all of the above resources, including QR codes and links to respective lessons:

From Atomi to all teachers, thank you for everything you do 🤗

Looking for more teaching resources? Check out the Atomi Staffroom.


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October 28, 2021

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