How to succeed in Year 12: Recent graduates share their top advice

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Atomi recently ran a survey with graduating students and asked them: What one piece of advice would you give yourself if you were starting Year 12 tomorrow?

We had some fantastic responses and wanted to share their words of wisdom. So we’ve grouped together the top answers and outlined 5 pieces of advice to help you hit the ground running in Year 12. 

1. Start early and stay consistent

The number one piece of advice from Year 12 graduates was clear—time flies, so start note-taking and revising early. By studying consistently throughout the year and sticking to a set schedule, you'll pave the way for success when exam season arrives. You'll never regret the head start you give yourself on exam prep, so begin early, make detailed notes, and maintain a consistent routine.

Revise content as you go. Every time you do a topic/subject, don't just write it down and become "familiar" with it. Master each topic as you go during the year. It will make revision easier and much lighter, workload-wise.

2. Study, study, study

This leads nicely into the next piece of advice—don’t stop studying. Most students mentioned how Atomi had made this easier for them. In fact, 91% of students found that using Atomi significantly improved their grades. 

I would say get Atomi sooner so I could follow along with the class and consolidate the skills and concepts I was being taught throughout the year rather than just before the exam. Atomi was so helpful but to have it for the whole year would have been a much more effective way to prepare—just refreshing and consolidating topics day by day!

Incorporating Atomi into your study routine from the very beginning can set you up for effective and efficient learning, so get started today

You'll never regret studying too much but you will regret not studying enough.

3. Keep calm and carry on

Many students shared that they wished they’d focused more on their mental wellbeing. 

To prevent burnout, ensure you get enough rest and schedule breaks in your study timetable. While stress may seem inevitable, it doesn’t have to stop you from being productive or acing your exams. You might also want to try meditation, enjoy outdoor activities and focus on a healthy diet. Read more tricks and tips on reducing exam stress here

4. Don’t forget to have fun

If this all sounds a bit serious, you’ll be pleased to hear that one of the top pieces of advice shared was to relax and enjoy Year 12. 

It’s your final year at school so try to strike a balance between studying, socialising, and relaxation to create lasting memories with your friends.

Do the dress-up days, go on the excursions and compete at school carnivals—you'll remember these for years.

5. Take it one step at a time

Breaking down your Year 12 journey into manageable steps is essential. Don't get overwhelmed by the big picture—instead, tackle each challenge as it comes. By setting small goals and consistently working towards them, you'll find success in your studies and reduce stress along the way.

Taking the time to timetable out everything in detail is just as valuable as doing the study itself, if not more, as you have a direction & school-like motivation, and don't need to think about planning or how it contributes to overall course as you've already done that. If you do one thing, just one, over the weekend or even holidays, make it planning out study. Atomi has the best checklists for this!

Atomi has a Yearly Planner that you can download and map out your plans for the year, download it here

Year 12 can be a wild ride, but with these tips, you'll be well-prepared for the journey ahead. Your hard work and dedication will pay off, so don't give up! Good luck, and make the most of this final year of high school. 

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November 8, 2023

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