How to use Atomi’s 2023 study plans and timetables

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Preparing for your final exams? Gone are the days of haphazard studying and last-minute cramming. Atomi's study plans are here to revolutionise your study routine.

Our 2023 study plans and timetables are your ultimate study companion. Built for you by our expert content team, these timetables take the guesswork out of exam prep and provide you with a clear study plan for your six-week countdown to crunch time.

By using these study plans and timetables, you can feel confident you’re on the right track leading into your final exams. They'll help direct your study, make sure you understand all your material and are well prepared for any exam question that might come your way!

Whether you're striving to ace math, conquer history or unravel the complexities of science, Atomi's study plans have got your back.

If you haven’t already, download your 2023 study plans and timetables now!

Now, here’s your step-by-step guide on how to use them.

Using your study plans and timetables

Each subject comes with a comprehensive timetable and an accompanying study plan.

The timetables map out when you should be studying, and the study plan details what content you need to cover in each study session.

Our study plans cover the six weeks before each exam, broken down into three two-week blocks. These blocks build on each other, moving from revision to practice to past paper practice sessions. This way, you know you have all of your content covered and are prepared for any question.

We haven't allocated time to learn the content or write notes—we're assuming you've got that covered. If you don't, take some time to go through your notes and make sure they're complete first before starting this 6 week schedule. We’ve written up a guide for making sure your notes are in order, so be sure to check that out too!

Revision block

Six weeks out from your exam, it’s time to revise your content.

This means revisiting each topic in the syllabus so the content is fresh in your mind. For each study session, you can revisit your notes and then complete Atomi’s multi-choice quizzes as you go (we’ve even linked each lesson on the study plan, so you can find them with ease).

In doing this, you can tick off each topic in the syllabus and identify any gaps in your knowledge. If there’s a concept you don’t quite understand or a topic you’re struggling with, be sure to rewatch the relevant Atomi lessons and ensure you have it covered before moving on.

Practice block

Four weeks out from your exam, it’s time to start practicing answering questions.

This will allow you to test your ability to interpret questions and recall the relevant content. Completing short-answer questions for each topic will ensure you have the entire syllabus covered.

To achieve this, you can use Atomi’s short-answer questions and those from your textbooks or class. It’s also a good idea to review any past assessments, re-answering questions you didn't do so well in and ask your teachers for feedback on how you can improve.

Practice paper block

Two weeks out from your exam, you’ll be ready to sit some practice papers.

This means sitting down and completing a paper from start to finish, under exam conditions. Doing this will ensure you’re prepared for any type of question, help to refine your exam skills and increase your confidence before going into the exam.

If you need a little more guidance on exactly how to sit a practice paper under exam conditions, we have a full guide here.

Making it personal

While our ready-made plans are great, you can take it to the next level by creating a personalised study timetable that brings together all your subjects and fits to your own schedule.

Remember, our study plans are a guide for what you could do. If you already feel confident with a particular topic or know you need to do more work on another, adjust the study plan as necessary. At the end of the day, you know your own capabilities and know what will work best for you.

Good luck! And remember, if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out! We’re always here to help.

We've got plenty more exam tips and tricks on the Student Blog. You can also find us on Instagram or follow us on TikTok. See you there! 👋


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August 21, 2023

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