Introducing Years 7–8 on Atomi: An all-new learning experience for junior students

Tom O'Donahoo

Co-founder & Co-CEO at Atomi


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Today we’re thrilled to announce our biggest launch yet—Years 7–8 on Atomi.

This launch includes:

  • 13 Brand new subjects across Years 7–8, including Mathematics, Science, English, History, Health and PE, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Commerce, The Arts and Technologies
  • An all-new learning experience designed for junior students
  • Plus, a powerful new AI feature that offers instant feedback on short-answer questions.

New curriculum-specific subjects

This release includes 13 new subjects with over 1000 individual lessons. Importantly, each one of these lessons has been specifically designed to meet the needs of both the individual state and Australian curriculums. With the addition of The Arts and Technologies, Atomi is proud to offer Australian schools the most extensive subject selection of any high school platform.

But this launch goes beyond new content. Today we’re introducing a new learning experience designed specifically for younger students.

Meet interactive lessons: designed to fit the needs of junior students and empower best-practice pedagogy

Interactive lessons are a new format that integrates short animated videos, text and interactive questions into engaging 10 to 15-minute experiences that work perfectly as in-class activities or homework tasks.

Empowering every student to achieve mastery, interactive lessons communicate concepts using clear and simple language, build these concepts progressively, put skills into practice and ramp in difficulty as they go. Students stay engaged in an active learning experience featuring a range of question types, immediate feedback and intelligent retries. This approach allows high-performing students to progress quickly through the material while providing other students additional support targeted at what they might need.

As with all Atomi content, teachers can facilitate targeted remediation, differentiation and extension work by receiving real-time data on student performance.

Instant marking on short answer questions powered by AI

We know that fast, quality feedback is crucial to creating the best learning outcomes, but there’s only so much marking a teacher can do.

That’s why we’re introducing auto-marking—Atomi’s new AI tool. In less than half a second, AI auto-mark can understand responses to short answer questions and grade them with remarkable accuracy and timely feedback.

This ensures that every student receives immediate, specific guidance and offers better insight into their progress than other marking techniques such as self or peer marking.

AI auto-marking is also built for privacy, security and safety from day one. This means we can ensure students and teachers can experience the incredible power of this technology without unnecessary risks.

Year 7–8 courses are available today, and AI auto-marking is being rolled out progressively across short answer questions, starting with our new Year 7–8 courses.

To get started, reach out to your school’s Customer Success Manager, or contact us directly via email at


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July 19, 2023

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What's Atomi?

Engaging curriculum-specific videos

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