Introducing our brand new video player

Tom O'Donahoo

Co-founder & Co-CEO at Atomi


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At Atomi we take video pretty seriously so today we're really excited to announce our brand new video player! So what’s new you ask? Let’s take a look.

New viewer controls

Playback Speed Control

Ever thought we are moving a little too fast? Well now you can change the playback speed directly from the video player controls. By decreasing the speed on your videos you can make sure you catch every last detail or by increasing the speed you can get through those longer videos quickly. Win-win!


Ultra High Definition

Our new player also supports 4K, which means we can now release videos in ultra high definition for your viewing pleasure. You can adjust the quality of the videos from the player controls instead of having to right-click on the video like before.

Timeline Preview

It’s now also easier for you to identify the parts of the video that you’re looking for. If you hover your cursor over the play bar you’ll now see a thumbnail preview. This gives you a snapshot of the screen at that point so you can easily find what you were looking for.


Adaptive streaming

The video startup times, mobile support and adaptive streaming experience has also been improved. This helps prevent annoying buffering to give you a silky smooth playback experience.

We hope you love the new video player as much as we do!


Published on

June 12, 2016

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What's Atomi?

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