Introducing the all-new Atomi for teachers and schools 🎉

Tom O'Donahoo

Co-founder & Co-CEO at Atomi


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We’ve rebuilt Atomi from the ground up to make it faster, smarter and even more powerful.

Atomi began with the simple idea that short, super engaging and highly specific video lessons would engage students and make learning more efficient, practical and enjoyable. However, we’ve always known that Atomi could, and should, be more than just great video.

Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with our school partners to re-imagine what Atomi could be, setting the stage for an intelligent, data-driven and deeply personalised education platform for students, teachers and schools. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

What’s new?

Interactive testing

Ever wished you had the time to write individualised worksheets for every student and get real-time feedback on how they’re going? Well, good news — we’re rolling out interactive quizzes across Atomi subjects! Atomi quizzes are built using the latest research in neuroscience so they adapt their sequence in real-time based on student answers. Meaning each student will follow an individualised path to maximise retention and target their specific areas of weakness.

These quizzes also generate rich data that we’re using to power deep insights into student performance. This will allow us to help students and teachers understand where they’re strong and weak, and what needs practice! 🎉

There are already thousands of questions across a range of subjects and more rolling out constantly, so keep your eyes peeled!

Text lessons

Making Atomi videos as good as they are takes a huge amount of love, care, time, and, well, 💵.

This can often mean that for subjects or electives that have smaller candidatures it can be hard to pull together the enormous investment required for the video production process.

To tackle this head on, we’ve launched a new type of text-based lesson that will allow us to produce awesome content even faster and at a lower cost. With this approach we can support smaller subjects, a broader range of electives and even more texts, bringing us closer to our mission of supporting students and teachers across all the content they cover. We’re still producing more video content than ever, but this new lesson type will allow us to go above and beyond.

We’ll be rolling out text lessons to subjects progressively, so you’ll start to see our course catalogue evolve with even more depth and breadth.

Simplified class and user management

Previously, managing your students and teachers on Atomi required the assistance of a friendly member of the Atomi team. Although we love helping out where we can, the back and forth meant that the process became slower than it needed to be. So, we’ve fixed that!

As a school admin, you can now quickly and easily add, remove and move users around your school account. We’ve also added roles and permissions so you can control who’s able to make these changes. We encourage you to wield this new found power carefully.

We know you’ll love all the new changes on Atomi, but what we’re releasing now is only the first step in a larger journey. We’ve got some great features already in limited beta that are on their way!

What's coming next?

AI-powered revision 😱

As students answer questions in quizzes we’re using advanced machine learning techniques to predict which topics will need to be revised and when. These predictions update in real-time and take into account an array of factors including how recently the topic was covered, the student’s individual history with each question and the nature of the questions themselves. Over time these predictions become increasingly accurate, allowing students to always be working on what matters most to them.

We’re excited to see how teachers, students and school administrators use these predictions to make better use of their class and revision time, give better feedback and target interventions at individualised areas of student weaknesses.

How can I get my hands on this?

We’re rolling out the new platform in stages to existing school customers so that we can offer maximum support during the transition. Account managers will reach out to you via phone or email when your school is eligible for migration. If you’re eager to get started ahead of schedule just reach out to your account manager directly or get in touch with us at We might be able to help you jump the queue 😉.


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August 27, 2018

What's Atomi?

Short sharp videos and lessons

Engaging, curriculum-specific videos and interactive lessons backed by research, so you can study smarter, not harder.

Interactive quizzes and revision

With tens of thousands of practice questions and custom revision sessions, you won’t just think you’re ready. You’ll know you are!

Super smart features

Study skills strategies and tips, AI-powered revision recommendations and progress insights help you stay on track.

What's Atomi?

Engaging curriculum-specific videos

Short, curriculum-specific videos and interactive content that’s easy to understand and backed by the latest research.

Continuous assessment tools

Active recall quizzes, topic-based tests and exam practice enable students to build their skills and get immediate feedback.

Powerful intelligence

Our AI understands each student's progress and makes intelligent recommendations based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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