Myth busting the HSC Minimum Standard rumours

Danielle Barakat

Community Manager at Atomi


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Raise your hand if you freaked out when you heard that you had to pass NAPLAN in order to sit for your HSC…

🙋 🙋 🙋

Tbh I have finished my HSC and still freaked out a bit when I heard that announcement from NESA, so let’s take a second to clear up some of the common myths about what you need to get and how it will actually impact your HSC.

1. High performance in the Year 9 Naplan tests is now essential for a student's HSC

Year 9 Naplan exams are by no means the only opportunity to reach the minimum standard requirements. Every student will have at least two chances per year to sit the online tests in year 10, 11 and 12 and for a few years beyond the HSC exams as well.

2. Students are expected to achieve the minimum standards requirements in year 9.

Although students have the opportunity to qualify for the minimum standards requirements in Year 9 by achieving a Band 8 in their Naplan tests, this isn’t the expectation. In fact, NESA expects that most students will achieve the requirements in Year 10 through the online tests.

3. Students who don’t achieve the minimum standard requirements will not be able to receive their HSC or be accepted into tertiary education.

Students who don’t achieve the minimum standards requirements can still sit the HSC exams, receive an ATAR, be accepted into tertiary education and receive a ROSA (Record of School Achievement) for employment opportunities.

4. Students need to pass all three tests at one time.

Students just need to meet the minimum standard requirements of reading, writing and numeracy once. If you reach the standard of writing in Year 9, you will only need to sit the numeracy and reading online tests the next year.

5. Students with intellectual disabilities will be disadvantaged by the new Minimum Standards requirements.

Students with intellectual disabilities who take Life Skills English or Mathematics don’t actually need to meet the HSC minimum standard requirements and will not have to sit the online tests.

6. The Minimum Standards tests are intimidating for students.

This is quite possible but not unavoidable. You guys have plenty of opportunities to meet the requirements and that if you don’t, you can still sit the HSC exams and receive an ATAR. If you’re still concerned though be sure to check out the Demonstration tests so you can familiarise yourselves with the types of questions that will be asked.


Luckily for all you current yr 12 students this doesn’t apply to you but I would definitely share this around with your younger siblings or mates, just to lower those anxiety levels a bit.


Published on

August 23, 2018

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