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Looking for our 2022 study plans and timetables? You can find them here!

For a lot of Year 12 students, the hardest part of the final exams is knowing how to prepare for them. If your students have asked “what should I be studying?”, “how often should I be studying?”, or “will I ever be ready for exams?” we’ve got the answer… Atomi’s 2021 study plans and timetables.

Designed by our expert content team, our subject-specific timetables come with study plans that will get your students on the right track leading into their final exams. You can access them too, meaning you can both use them to help direct their study, make sure they understand all their material and prepare them for any exam question that might come their way 🙌

Using these subject-specific study plans, your students can then create their own custom timetable or use one of our ready-made samples.

So, how does it work?

Zooming out, your students should aim to cover all of the content in each subject every fortnight for the six weeks leading up to their exam. To make this achievable, we’ve broken down each subject into eight study sessions per fortnight which they can pull together into a final study timetable that works for them.


We haven't allocated time for students to learn the content or write notes — we're assuming they’ve got that covered by now thanks to your guidance 😉

If you notice that a few students are still lagging, encourage them to rally by taking a weekend to go through their notes and make sure they're complete and ready for the 6 week schedule detailed below.

Revision block

5-6 weeks out from the exam, your students should be familiar with the content and it’s time to start revising. For each study session, students should revisit their notes and then complete Atomi’s multi-choice quizzes as they go.

Once they complete those quizzes, you’ll have better insights into which topics they’re excelling in, and which they need to dedicate more time to revising. If they’re struggling with one topic, encourage them to rewatch our videos and add more information to their notes. Conversely, if they’re getting through all of the topics in the study session quickly, push them to spend some extra time on the key study areas we’ve identified in our plans.

Practice block

3-4 weeks out from your exam, it’s time to start practising answering questions. This will allow students to test their ability to interpret questions and recall the relevant content.

Depending on the subject, students should use Atomi short-answer questions as well as those you set them up with from textbooks or class. It’s also a great idea to have them review any past assessments where they didn’t do so well and send re-written answers to you for feedback, if you have the capacity to mark them of course.

Past paper practice block

1-2 weeks out from the exam, it’s time to complete some practice papers.

This means sitting down and completing a paper from start to finish, under exam conditions. Doing this will ensure they’re prepared for any type of question, help to refine exam skills and increase their confidence before going into the exam.

Setting them up with plenty of past papers and practice exams will be beneficial, just be sure to set clear expectations that they’ll need to self-mark them.

Download Atomi Study Plans and Timetables

Just like your students, you can access the study plans for Atomi subjects that align to the syllabus and include the breakdown of the study sessions as outlined above. You’ll also find suggested timetables for each subject, plus a blank timetable template. You could use this template to tailor a timetable you think will work best for your class, or even allocate class time to map it out together.

Click the links below to download these syllabus-specific study plans and timetables:

Remember, our study plans are only a guide, as their teacher you’re in the best position to gauge just how much study your students need to be putting in.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. We’re always here to help 🤗


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September 3, 2021

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