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Kasey Lawless

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Ever heard of “Feng Shui”? Well, it applies to study spaces too! In this blog, we’re going to show you the importance of having a clean and organised study space. Then, we’ll go through some tips that will help you create a space that will be conducive to focus and preparedness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Let’s jump right in.                    

The benefits of a clean study space

Having a clean study space for the year can really help you out in the long run. If you have irrelevant textbooks, notes and empty water bottles lying around, then it’s probably time to declutter. Having a clean space to dedicate to your study is important for two reasons: 

1. It improves your concentration

Whether you realise it or not, when you’re studying at a messy desk, your concentration levels can drop. A study by Princeton University found that clutter overwhelms our visual cortex and can actually drain our attentional resources, making it harder for us to focus. So it’s probably worth taking the time to clear your desk every so often so that you’re only working with what you need. 

2. Clean study spaces reduce stress 

You know that the academic year is stressful enough, so you don’t want to be adding extra stress of studying in clutter. One study has shown that the stress-related hormone cortisol was the highest for people who work in messy environments, while cortisol was the lowest for people with cleaner workspaces. So a clean desk seems to keep stress levels at bay. It has even been shown that clearing clutter can help conquer procrastination! 

Tips to create a great study space

1. Chuck what you don’t need, organise what you do need

So, having a clean study space is a great way to start your study sessions off right and there are a couple of things you can do to make this happen. Rather than throwing everything away at once, have a look to see what you should keep and what you can chuck in the bin. This is especially true when it comes to your past study notes. You can get rid of them if you’re absolutely sure you don’t need them anymore, but material usually builds from year to year, so it might be a better idea to put them in a binder and store them somewhere in your room.

2. Natural lighting

The second thing is to make sure you are close to natural light. This is a great way to keep our Vitamin D levels up when you’re indoors. A study by Cornell University also showed that natural light can reduce headaches and eyestrain by 84% when working indoors, compared to no natural light. 

3. Ergonomic study space

Create a study space that’s comfortable and good for your physical health. Your chair should be set up so you have good posture and a straight back. Your computer screen should be eye level, so it might be worth buying a laptop stand, a mouse and keyboard. Also, your feet should be firmly planted on the ground. All of these things can help avoid straining your body when you study for long periods of time. 

4. Visual reminders

Make sure that there is an empty wall to hang up your yearly, term and weekly planners. Having a space for these visual reminders will go a long way when planning throughout the year - they can become your strategy hub! 

5. Avoid sensory overload

It’s also a good idea to get rid of all distractions and loud noises including any consoles, screens and loud music. If you live with siblings who barge into your room without knocking, setting up a ‘do not disturb’ sign during study can work wonders so you can avoid constant interruptions.

We guarantee you that if you incorporate these tips into your study space, you will feel fresh and ready to tackle your studies this year! You will notice improved concentration, minimised stress and you’ll have less of an urge to procrastinate. Good luck! You’ve got this. 


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January 5, 2024

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