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Before diving headfirst into Atomi we thought it would be useful to arm you with a few simple methods for using it in your classroom. This handy list outlines tried and tested strategies being used by Atomi teachers to get the most out of the platform.

Pro tip: Instead of attempting to incorporate every method, select only a couple. Take time to test and analyse which methods work best for your classroom.

Bookend the class

Use those 5-10 minutes at the beginning of class when students are getting settled-in to give a quick and easy overview of the day’s content. When you’re getting towards the pointy end, keep everyone engaged with a recap video, or a quiz to test that application of knowledge.

Use as a reinforcement tool

If you have students struggling with a specific concept, such as trigonometry, consider assigning them an Atomi video to bring them up to speed with the rest of the class.

Assign as homework

Using a blended approach to learning, you can assign Atomi content out of school hours. That way students come to class ready to apply what they’ve learnt at home. Students are able to log on remotely on any device and get an effective coverage of all new concepts, or even revise ones you’ve gone through together in class

Keep fresh over school holidays

Holidays are well known for ‘spontaneous memory loss.’ Help your students keep on top of their material through the holidays by developing an Atomi holiday program that provides a consistent method of revision. Even just one video per day can make a huge difference.

Exam revision

Use short 5-10 minute videos in class as an efficient way to revise for an upcoming assessment, assignment or exam. When it comes to revising at home, we’ve got your planning covered. Each time your student takes an Atomi quiz or practice, we track how they went and compare it to millions of data points from Atomi users. This helps us, and you, understand where each student is strong and weak, and how well they are going in relation to others in the school and state. We’ve even built an Artificial Intelligence Engine using this data to predict how each student will retain content over time, in order to better recommend what topic they should revise next.

Diversify your lessons

In need of a change of pace? Throw on an Atomi video as a way to mix things up, keeping your students engaged and catering for your visual learners.

Develop higher-order thinking and study skills

Moving beyond the core curriculum, we’ve developed content to help students develop higher-order skills that can often slip through the cracks. Working in consultation with world-leading experts in educational psychology, not to mention the experience of thousands of successful students, we’ve developed Atomi’s Study Skills course. In it, students can unpack how to understand the syllabus, the importance of growth mindsets and even retrieval strategies proven to boost memory. You can take your students through this valuable content in class, or allocate it for homework.

Analyse progress and engagament

Once you’ve got Atomi up and running in your classroom, you’ll be able to draw valuable insights from how your students use it. As they work through Atomi lessons, you’ll have access to data on everything from how many students have completed the content, to how many need to revise, and how your class' marks compare to the rest of your school and the state where relevant. This data will support you to pivot your teaching strategies when you need to in order to help those students falling behind while pushing along whoever’s ready to move ahead. You can also tap into Atomi Insights to understand how your students are engaging with the content. This will help you to see who’s steaming ahead, and which students might need a little extra encouragement. You can find a more detailed guide to informing your teaching with Atomi data, and insights over in our Help Centre.

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August 12, 2020

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Short sharp videos and lessons

Engaging, curriculum-specific videos and interactive lessons backed by research, so you can study smarter, not harder.

Interactive quizzes and revision

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What's Atomi?

Engaging curriculum-specific videos

Short, curriculum-specific videos and interactive content that’s easy to understand and backed by the latest research.

Continuous assessment tools

Active recall quizzes, topic-based tests and exam practice enable students to build their skills and get immediate feedback.

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