How Aquinas College creates a diverse learning experience with Atomi

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School Success at Atomi


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A dynamic, challenging, rich and diverse learning experience. An Atomi partner school story: Aquinas College.

The challenge

With the new QCE changes, it has been a great challenge for both teaching staff and students to really understand the impact of external assessments and what to expect.

Another one of the biggest challenges is in addressing and improving outcomes and results overall across their senior years through increasing student engagement.

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The school turned to Atomi in looking for a platform that can support teachers giving them the specific resources to shoulder the burden of the content changes in external assessment, as well as looking at a student-centred online teaching methodology to drive lifelong learning.

Students are more engaged and are taking greater ownership of their learning.
Peter Hurley, Principal


The direction of the school is to look at progressive and innovative methods of addressing these challenges and to take the school through a transformational journey towards exciting ways of teaching and learning.

Atomi has provided us with a resource that is tailored to the curriculum and recognises the importance of the cognitions. It is simple and easy for both teachers and students to use and access. It has saved our teachers many hours looking for resources to support their teaching.
Helen Chamberlain, AP Curriculum

Faculties are using Atomi as a way to be able to approach their teaching in a blended and flipped model, assigning relevant lessons throughout the platform either for pre-work, or homework and referring back to the content within the class to reinforce students’ understanding.

I use Atomi as a reinforcement tool. It is a great resource for my students to access whenever and wherever they want.
—  Josh Turner, Year 11 and 12 Maths Teacher


The students enjoy jumping onto Atomi videos to get a clear understanding of concepts before going to class, as well as reinforcing their understanding by writing summary notes.

Our understanding and retention of knowledge have improved immensely since starting to use Atomi. The lesson videos are focused on the subject matter and provide us with excellent summaries.
Students, Year 11 Biology
aquinas school photo 2

Engagement levels have increased and teachers are now gaining back more time in the classroom to work on application and higher-order thinking to cement students’ understanding, knowledge and skills.

Atomi has provided teachers with a resource that allows them to focus on higher-order skills in the classroom. Students really like the way each lesson is structured, and the quizzes help them to reflect on their learning in both the short and long term.
Peter Hurley, Principal
aquinas school photo 3
  • School type: Catholic Independent
  • Established: 1964
  • Students: 1045
  • Teaching staff: 92

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September 10, 2019

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