Suncoast Christian College empowers student learning and streamlines their teaching practices with Atomi

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Suncoast Christian College is a co-educational independent school located in Queensland. They emphasise academic excellence, spiritual development, and a supportive community environment—seeking to promote optimal learning outcomes through a combination of direct teaching and instruction, collaborative discussion, hands-on activities and technology integration.

Recognising the need to provide their senior students with the best possible tools for success, Suncoast Christian College sought a platform to help plug gaps in student learning ahead of Year 12 exams, whilst also enabling teachers to assign curriculum-specific, skills-driven tasks. 

We spoke to Adam King, Head of Emerging Technologies, about how Atomi has streamlined their teaching practices, empowered student learning, and provided valuable data insights to teachers. 

Creating a streamlined student experience 

During the successful trial, Year 11 and 12 students saw the benefits of using Atomi and provided highly positive feedback on the QCE content, their personalised workshops and seamless onboarding. Suncoast now offers a streamlined solution to almost 200 students across 78 different classes.

Previously, the school faced confusion and a lack of consistency when using multiple online learning tools. Students had to move between platforms to complete their coursework and teachers were forced to allocate tasks across multiple ecosystems. Adam shared that: 

Senior students had access to various tools to support their learning. These have included different online subscriptions and provision of eBooks. The combination of options was inconsistent and a uniformed approach to assist learning was desired. Atomi has streamlined the experience for Senior students, eliminating confusion about subject-specific websites. 
Our Year 12 students found the resources highly effective in consolidating and revising content for the external exams during our Atomi trial in 2023, bolstering their confidence and self-assurance.
- Lyndall Water, Director of Studies

Supporting a productive learning environment

By offering purposeful and meaningful tools for both teachers and students, Atomi empowers the efficient execution of Suncoast Christian College’s core educational objectives and helps foster a more productive learning environment.

The clean interface and minimalist design reduces distractions and allows students to concentrate on their work and engage meaningfully with their content and studies.

Developing independent learners

The introduction of Atomi has supported Suncoast’s values of developing autonomous learners. Their senior students identified shortfalls in their knowledge ahead of the QCE and sought to bridge those gaps with Atomi: 

Many students have used Atomi to address deficits in learning, while others have used the tool to reinforce acquired knowledge.

Adam shared that Atomi has supported independent learning while enabling teachers to allocate work to provide support and opportunities to offer extension.

Atomi maximises student engagement and saves time by giving clear and intuitive data to differentiate and intervene instantaneously.

Using data analytics to build study habits

Adam has enjoyed using Atomi insights to dig into questions answered, lessons completed and hours invested in learning, finding value in tracking usage across different faculties and insights on student performance. 

The data that is generated is insightful and helps identify necessary action and responses to improve teaching and learning.

He shared how the school has promoted the value of Atomi by identifying students from each year group that had either completed the most hours, lessons or questions and had them present to their cohort at assembly. The use of student voices has driven the development of autonomous learning and independent study.

After the presentation to their peers, the Atomi team hosted a live presentation on using the platform. The sessions were highly informative and engaging for the students.

By leveraging Atomi's data and integrating it into the school's ongoing development plans, Suncoast creates a more engaging and effective learning environment that benefits students and teachers alike. 

Atomi's broad range of subjects, clean interface, and supportive team have provided a reliable and uniform service for our school community. We highly recommend Atomi to educators seeking to empower student learning and streamline their teaching practices.

We're thankful to be part of Suncoast's story and proud to partner with such innovative schools and leaders.

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May 9, 2024

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