How Caloundra City Private School creates bespoke learning pathways for all students

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Caloundra City Private School in Queensland is a forward-thinking school that provides dynamic education focused on preparing students for the evolving demands of the 21st century and beyond. 

Recognising the value of blended learning, CCPS is committed to partnering with the best in edtech to achieve an integral aspect of their vision; to deliver a personalised learning experience to all students. 

We spoke to Richard Doreian, Head of Learning Pathways about how Atomi has elevated blended learning in their classrooms, boosted engagement and streamlined online learning for both teachers and students.

Creating a streamlined learning experience

CCPS had previously used various edtech solutions that provided materials for a limited number of subject areas. This caused unnecessary cognitive load for students as they attempted to navigate a variety of platforms.

Richard shared how this also caused challenges for their staff: 

Teachers at CCPS were doing a fantastic job providing formative assessment opportunities for their students, however they reported that creating and assessing these tasks and the data captured took a long time which was a problem we were looking to solve.
— Richard Doreian, Head of Learning Pathways

CCPS came to Atomi looking for a Year 7-12 solution that would streamline these processes and enhance the overall teaching and learning experience. With Atomi, they have been able to implement a one-stop solution to provide engaging curriculum-aligned content, create revision sessions and measure student progress and outcomes. 

Following a free trial and overwhelmingly positive feedback from both students and staff on the ease and enjoyment of use, CCPS rolled out Atomi across all year groups. 

Personalised onboarding and content 

CCPS teachers attended targeted staff training prior to students having access to the platform, to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Students also attended training sessions, catered to their age group and likely uses of the platform.

Richard shared how this contributed to the impressive results that followed: 

Since implementing Atomi at the start of Term 3 our students have answered over 82,600 questions, completed over 8,160 lessons and engaged with the platform for over 970 total hours. The most impressive part of this data is that it is consistent across all subjects and year levels.
— Richard Doreian, Head of Learning Pathways

Amongst the high usage from both students and teachers, Richard was particularly pleased to see CCSP’s Year 12 students in the top ten users of Atomi during their external examination period. 

This demonstrates the true value of Atomi as a blended learning platform where students can access the information that they need, when they need it, with targeted revision questions created for the student based on their previous responses.
— Richard Doreian, Head of Learning Pathways
Two Caloundra City Private School students are using Atomi on a shared laptop.

Boosting student engagement

One of Atomi’s standout features is revision sessions. Previously, CCPS teachers would have spent large amounts of time creating assessments, which were difficult to differentiate. Now, revision sessions can be created in minutes, easily personalised and are designed to prompt students to focus on their knowledge gaps. 

The AI that drives Atomi efficiently and effectively provides students with automatically differentiated questions and allows staff to easily see what content areas may need to be revisited for some students or the whole class.
— Richard Doreian, Head of Learning Pathways

Saving time with seamless integration 

CCPS recently moved to a new learning management system, Canvas, for which Atomi has a seamless integration to embed teaching and learning content. 

This has been a game-changer, allowing teachers to be more efficient and spend more time focused on effectively fostering improved student outcomes.

As we moved to a new learning management system, Canvas, Atomi provided significantly more efficient ways to embed teaching and learning content into the LMS. This ultimately saves teachers time on administration tasks that can be used more effectively to promote improved student outcomes.
— Richard Doreian, Head of Learning Pathways

In reflecting upon the successful integration of Atomi at CCPS, Richard's insights highlight the impact of the platform on their educational approach. He noted Atomi's strengths, such as its user-friendly differentiation, seamless embedding into the LMS, and engaging curriculum content as key elements to the platform's effectiveness and the positive change it has brought to CCPS.

Atomi is the most effective teaching and learning platform that I have engaged with. As an educator of over 20 years, I wish this had been around for my whole teaching journey!
— Richard Doreian, Head of Learning Pathways

We’re thrilled that CCPS are using Atomi to create a truly personalised blended learning experience for their students and look forward to our continued partnership. 

  • School type: Independent K–12 School
  • Established: 2005
  • Students: 260
  • Teaching staff: 38

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January 18, 2024

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