How Stuartholme School prepared students for exams with Atomi

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Preparing students for exams and forming effective study habits. An Atomi Partner School story: Stuartholme School, Queensland.

The Challenge

An independent Catholic school for girls, Stuartholme School has a clear vision: to empower their young women to be the leaders of their own futures. This commitment is captured in the school’s motto “to be the best she can be” and realised in all parts of the school, but most particularly its academic program. Stuartholme aims to equip its students with the knowledge to pursue their aspirations, so they can leave school with the ability and confidence to contribute to a global society.

While already providing a supportive learning environment to achieve this, the re-introduction of external QCE exams heightened its focus on the importance of academic performance. For this reason, Stuartholme was looking for ways to maximise academic support for its students, with a particular focus on maximising preparation for external assessments. ​​


With support needed in discipline-specific areas, Stuartholme engaged Atomi for access to all subjects for its Year 11 and 12 students, as well as Atomi’s Study Skills modules. Stuartholme was looking for a solution that would ensure all of its students were ready and confident for exams, and Atomi’s Study Skills was the right fit.

Through our strategic focus of growing to great, Atomi was able to complement our Student Practices Initiatives that encompass mentoring, study skills and tracking student engagement and performance. This formed part of the broader strategy of activating our students as owners of their learning journey.
— Daniel Crump, Deputy Principal


So far, Atomi has been able to assist Stuartholme’s Year 11 and 12 students to develop effective study habits and skills in the senior space. This has come full circle, with the skills taught in Atomi’s Study Skills module complementing how Stuartholme’s students engage with Atomi’s syllabus-specific content.

I find Atomi to be a really helpful resource as it allows me to solidify my understanding of topics covered in class, through engaging with the easy to understand videos and testing my knowledge with the quizzes. I also find that Atomi assists me in revising content from past topics to ensure that I am able to retain this past knowledge. In addition, the revision sessions generated by Atomi are very helpful, particularly in my science subjects, as I am able to practice questions that reflect those you could expect on the external exam.
— Lily Alessandra, Year 12 student

Teachers at Stuartholme have also engaged Atomi in their classroom practices, creating a learning environment that not only ensures academic performance but also gives independence to each student to lead their own learning.

The specific focus Atomi provides on the practices that enhance student engagement and performance has been beneficial. For our teachers, they have been able to flip their practice to engage students in more innovative and contemporary ways. Students are able to track their engagement in specific topics that need attention and can refer back to these at any stage through their revision periods.
— Annie Van Homrigh, Director of Academic Development and Performance

With a shared goal to support students' academic achievement, Atomi and Stuartholme School have forged a partnership that will ensure all girls at the school walk into exams with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, but also leave school with the confidence to continue achieving great things.

  • School Type:  Independent Catholic Day and Boarding School for Girls
  • Established: 1920
  • Students: 700

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Published on

October 20, 2021

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