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Darcy Campbell

Educational Content Lead at Atomi


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Starting a new school year can be a whirlwind for educators. You walk in on day 1, term 1 and you’ve got a new set of names to learn, different subjects to familiarise yourself with and oh no—is that student wearing sneakers instead of school shoes? Add curriculum changes on top and you’ve got the perfect storm.

Here at Atomi, we’re all about turning challenges into opportunities for our community of educators. That’s why we’ve just launched a new subject suite that makes implementing Version 9.0 of the Australian Curriculum a walk in the park.

Brand new content for the 7-10 Australian Curriculum, Version 9.0

Schools in Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT can now access over 1500 Version 9.0 lessons within the following subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Economics and Business
  • Drama (7-8 only)
  • Arts (7-8 only)
  • Music (7-8 only)
  • Design and Technology (7-8 only)
  • And, Digital Technologies (7-8 only).

Let’s highlight some of the biggest changes that’ll get you feeling excited for the year ahead.


We’ve added over 100 new lessons to this suite, making our 7-10 English offering the most robust it’s ever been. In particular, you can now access long-demanded grammar and spelling content in 9-10. All of this new content is organised under the three strands in the curriculum—Language, Literature and Literacy.

Mathematics, Science and Geography 

New lessons put theory into practice on topics like First Nations astronomy, the rock cycle, dynamic geometry software and more.


We’re super excited about the new Year 7 core: the Deep Time History of Australia. We’ve rolled out 18 meticulously researched, innovative lessons that draw on a wide range of source material. We also cover all of the new cores in 7-10 History, as well as some of the most popular options amongst our customer base.

Health and Physical Education

Stacks of new lessons cover topics as diverse as First Nations health practices and practical movement advice. Version 9.0 has also introduced comprehensive consent education, which we’re proud to offer to students.

And these are just the highlights—we’ve updated all of our Australian Curriculum subjects, so there’s lots ready for you to dive in and explore. Plus, Version 9.0 has maintained a lot of content from 8.4, so some of these lessons might already be fan favourites from your existing curriculum programming. With these updates, we’ve added even more to your toolkit to engage your students in their learning and drive towards outcomes.

Additional difficulty and depth in 9-10 assessment

From working closely with teachers and schools, we saw an opportunity to elevate our 9-10 assessments at the same time as implementing the new curriculum.

As such, we’ve added thousands of new questions, including short answers, exact answers and drag and drops. In these new short answer questions, 9-10 students will be prompted to input answers spanning from one word to two paragraphs. Once they’ve submitted their answer, we provide them with easy-to-use marking guides so they can understand how well they’ve done and where they can still improve. We’re also on the cutting edge of implementing automarking technology, which is set to expand throughout the year.

How to get your hands on it

If you have a current Atomi subscription, please get in contact with your Atomi representative to set up your access. New to Atomi? Get in touch with our School Partnerships team at

Once you’re in, have fun exploring the new offering. You can even search by ACARA code within each subject to find the specific new curriculum content you’re looking for.


Published on

February 12, 2024

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