How Burdekin Christian College transformed teaching and learning with Atomi

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Burdekin Christian College in Queensland is a forward-thinking school that embraces the significance of technology in modern education.

Committed to providing students with the skills necessary for success in the digital age, the school has recently implemented a comprehensive technology program.

We spoke to Lawrence Zanella, a Secondary Teacher at Burdekin Christian College, about how Atomi has transformed the teaching and learning experience at the school.

Providing students with a competitive advantage

Burdekin Christian College's focus on technology has empowered students from years 7 to 12 with a high level of competency in using digital technologies.

By providing each student with a laptop and investing in various digital learning platforms such as Atomi, the school not only prepares them for future academic pursuits but also equips them for careers where digital literacy is increasingly vital.

This emphasis on technology in the classroom gives students a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving digital landscape. It also ensures no student gets left behind.

Atomi really helps to level the playing field—and for schools in remote areas, this is so important.
— Lawrence Zanella, Teacher

Enhancing comprehension and retention

After being introduced to Atomi by a colleague from another school, Lawrence decided to explore its potential through a free trial. Impressed by Atomi's capabilities and its concise “chunked” content, Burdekin Christian College rolled out the platform to its students.

Soon, both teachers and students were benefiting from Atomi's interactive lessons and assessments, enhancing their understanding and retention of various subjects and contributing to their academic success.

Atomi offers remarkable lessons that can benefit novice and experienced educators seeking to refresh and update their knowledge of the subjects.
—Lawrence Zanella, Teacher

Students responded enthusiastically, using Atomi's replay option for revision purposes.

The students responded very well—they just got it. Atomi’s content gets to the point straight away. If they don’t understand something, they can play it over and over again, making it great for revision.
— Lawrence Zanella, Teacher

With Atomi’s engaging lessons, personalised learning and progress-tracking features, the school could quickly embrace a more individualised and effective approach to education.

Reducing teacher prep time

Atomi also proved invaluable in reducing preparation time, saving Lawrence precious hours.

Some teachers can spend around 40 to 60 hours a week teaching and preparing work to make lessons engaging. Atomi helps streamline this process by providing ready-to-use resources and interactive content that align seamlessly with curriculum objectives.
— Lawrence Zanella, Teacher

By significantly reducing prep time, educators can allocate more time to individualised student support and innovative teaching strategies.

Boosting professional development

Beyond being a powerful tool for students, Lawrence soon realised the platform’s potential as a comprehensive professional development resource for educators seeking to enhance their subject-matter knowledge and teaching skills.

With new curricula in Queensland, teachers must be well-informed and equipped with the latest syllabuses and pedagogical practices.

As a teacher of Year 11 Economics under the new system, I found Atomi's lessons to be exceptionally beneficial in aiding me to quickly comprehend the content and skills necessary for students to succeed. Atomi's lessons are aligned with all of the subject matter objectives, which facilitated ease of comprehension but also assisted in developing a robust and thorough understanding of the concepts.
— Lawrence Zanella, Teacher

With Atomi’s lessons linked directly to the curriculum and objectives, Lawrence can feel confident he’s covering what’s in the textbook. He’s seen first-hand how the platform has helped teachers to facilitate a thorough understanding of subject matter and align their lessons with the curriculum objectives.

Creating an engaging blended learning environment

Overall, the introduction of Atomi to Burdekin Christian College has been a positive step towards transforming the teaching and learning experience at the school. It has also highlighted the power of blending digital technology with traditional classroom practices, to increase student engagement.

Teachers at the school are able to use Atomi's resources to equip themselves with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide an enhanced learning experience for their students.

By leveraging Atomi's strengths and integrating them into the school's educational framework, Burdekin Christian College is creating a more engaging and effective learning environment that benefits students and teachers alike.

When asked about his favourite thing about Atomi, Lawrence was quick to reply:

For professional development, it’s brilliant. Particularly for teachers who are just starting out. I’ve seen how it’s helped teachers get their head around a subject. And I’ve seen how it engages students. I love seeing those “a-ha!” moments with students when they’re engaged in learning!
— Lawrence Zanella, Teacher

Atomi has proven to be an excellent resource for us. Its interesting videos and quizzes have made it easier for us to understand even the toughest topics. It has become a valuable tool for revision, helping us to remember the most important information. Thanks to Atomi, we can work independently at our own pace, and we can access it from anywhere. Since we started using Atomi, we have noticed an improvement in our grades. We learn as we progress through the lessons, and it has made the transition from Year 10 to Year 11 much smoother. Atomi has made learning less stressful and has helped us feel more confident in our studies. Thank you ATOMI!
— Year 12 students

We’d like to thank Lawrence for his time and look forward to seeing Burdekin Christian College and its students continue to thrive.

Keen to learn more about how Atomi can empower your students and teachers? Reach out to the team via email at Or get started on a free trial today.


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August 16, 2023

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