How Emmanuel Catholic College maximises student learning outcomes with Atomi

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Maximising student learning outcomes through independence. An Atomi Partner School story: Emmanuel Catholic College, Western Australia

The Challenge

Emmanuel Catholic College provides a wide range of opportunities for students by giving access to courses to prepare them for University, TAFE and the workplace post-school. Students also have access to excellent physical resources as Emmanuel’s facilities and classrooms are of the highest quality, and their teachers are experts that care deeply for their students. Accessing and using quality online resources that assist their students in maximising their learning outcomes more independently and autonomously is vital to Emmanuel’s continued improvement.

We have been working hard to create a learning environment where students are truly engaged in their learning. Often students can be strategically compliant or result focused, rather than learning focused.
Dryw Edwards, Deputy Principal Curriculum

Emmanuel Catholic College was looking for a resource that would allow their students to control their learning and develop some of the key independent learning skills required to succeed in their school-based courses and post-school as adult learners. Atomi provides a platform that allows for autonomy, provides instant feedback, and allows the students to control their learning as they progress through units of work.

The features on Atomi allow students to develop skills and habits required to be independent learners. With Atomi, students are in control of their learning, provided with instant feedback, and the summative data allows students to truly know how they are progressing with their learning.
— Dryw Edwards, Deputy Principal Curriculum


Emmanuel Catholic College uses Atomi as a tool for revision and provides students with the opportunity to gain instant feedback in the form of summative assessment. They have allowed their students to use the platform with plenty of autonomy. They have found that they really value the resource as an opportunity to consolidate their learning, particularly when they have found a topic difficult in the classroom.

Atomi allows me to provide students with learning activities to consolidate learning and introduce topics. The short videos are relevant to the ATAR curriculum and have kept students more engaged in their learning as the videos deliver complex topics in a well-explained manner. There are many other videos out there, but they are not completely aligned with the curriculum. The questions and quizzes test students' knowledge and understanding and provide them with instant feedback; it’s a good tool as it links to the curriculum!
— Filipa Belo, ATAR Human Biology Teacher


Remote learning during the early parts of 2020 provided the school with important data on how their students best learn. An essential element of feedback they gathered from their senior school students was how much they valued the time to learn with greater independence and with more autonomy over their learning. During remote learning, their Years 11 and 12 students appreciated the time the teachers provided them to study and revise independently. With that in mind, Atomi provided Emmanuel with a platform to allow this to occur and, at the same time, provided the teachers with quality data on student progress.

Atomi is a great tool for making learning easier and more effective. It gives students the ability to control their own learning, where they can watch up-to-date, relevant videos and complete quizzes to understand their progress better. Atomi allows students to see live updates of their progress and enables teachers to get the data they need for planning.
— Ryan Henley, Head of Learning Area Health and Physical Education
Atomi gives us an extra resource to do any catch-up or revise a topic I didn't particularly understand in class. I have noticed it's an easy way for our teachers to set homework and track our feedback. Atomi has the right tools, including practice questions, that I can use in preparation for upcoming tests. I will continue to use Atomi leading up to my coming exams.
— Vahlenna Tankam, Year 12 student
  • School type: Catholic Co-Educational College
  • Established: 1999
  • Students: 1144
  • Teaching staff: 80

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Published on

May 12, 2021

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