How Beverly Hills Girls High reached new levels of student engagement with Atomi

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English expert at Atomi


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Reaching new levels of student engagement and achievement. An Atomi partner school story: Beverly Hills Girls High School.

The challenge

A core goal for Beverly Hills Girls High School is to raise the level of student engagement to a point where individual students can take responsibility for their own learning.

In order to do so, the school felt a shift was needed in terms of the resources available to support the kind of learning that fosters agency.

Atomi was brought on board to facilitate the transition from relying on content-heavy textbooks in the classroom to a more dynamic, student-centred methodology.

Atomi provided a form of delivering content that was organised in syllabus areas, and students can access it online!
— Garth, Maths Teacher


Atomi operates as a one-stop resource for Beverly Hills where visual learning aids, digestible content, and assessment capabilities facilitate the higher order thinking skills of the students to elevate their learning experience.

I love that students can access the Atomi content online and whenever they want. Now they’re not weighed down by heavy textbooks in their bags!
Peter, Science Teacher

The user-intuitive platform offers a range of possibilities to its users, from syllabus specific videos to a variety of assessment capabilities, providing access for students at all stages along the academic achievement spectrum to engage in learning.

Students can engage with their learning on Atomi by doing the quizzes, they can understand where they’re up to and get help on what to revise.
Year 11 and 12 Teacher

Teachers have also employed Atomi’s content capabilities to tap into a flipped classroom model. Students are now empowered and enabled in engaging with and taking responsibility for base content at home, allowing class time to be spent with teachers driving kids into new and interesting areas of application of that content.


Atomi has been a resounding success with students, with high usage rates being reflected in the increased levels of engagement by students in the classroom and with the content.

When I don’t understand something, I can jump on Atomi and watch it over and over again. I can pause and revisit the content as much as I need to – plus do quizzes. The videos are super-short and engaging!
Student, Year 12

For teachers, the user-intuitive platform acts as a highly useful resource through which to plan lessons, gauge student engagement, and regularly run student assessments.

Atomi is a good way to evaluate students using formative assessment.
Janet, History Teacher

The consistency and connectivity of the Atomi platform have led to confidence amongst the Beverly Hills faculty that it will remain a valuable source of support, content, and skills development for an engaged student body and well-equipped teachers.

  • School type: Government (7-12)
  • Established: 1960
  • Students: 1042
  • Teachers: 110

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Published on

February 20, 2020

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