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As the dust settles on another HSC year the team at Atomi want to say a big congratulations to all our partner schools!

We are lucky enough to work with a huge number of schools from every corner of NSW with the same unifying goal of giving their students a better educational experience. Now that's something we can get behind.

After pouring through the results and rankings from the 2016 HSC we are proud to say that ALL Atomi schools that use HSC Hub across Year 12 increased their school rank in 2016.

...ALL Atomi schools that used HSC Hub across Year 12 increased their school rank in 2016.

Here a just a few success stories:

  • St. Mark's Catholic College - increased an unbelievable 147 places in 2016 with increases in Band 4 and Band 5 results also. The school's best ever year.
  • Barker College - achieved their greatest result in recorded history with a jump from 47th to 33rd. The cohort also watched over 17,000 videos throughout their HSC year.
  • NBSC Mackellar Girls Campus - cracked the top 100 schools with a 25 place jump to 91st in the state.
  • Waverley College - a fantastic result with a 42 rank increase to 125th in the state. The boys at Waverley also watched over 1,200 videos per week throughout the year.
  • Oxford Falls Grammar - experienced a 63 rank improvement and are now on the cusp of the top 100 in NSW.
  • Patrician Brothers Blacktown - a huge 135 place increase from 2015 to 2016.

Whilst these schools span all sectors of the education space (public, private, catholic), the one thing they do have in common is a willingness to be institutions of change. We are proud to be working with schools that have a mindset of continual improvement and the drive to embrace innovation. Innovation we can now say is clearly having a positive and tangible impact on their students.

Congratulations not only to the few schools mentioned above, but to all Atomi partnered schools and hopefully the 2017 HSC is just as promising.

See you all in Feb!


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January 2, 2017

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