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It’s been a long time coming that Atomi join forces with the teaching community to better support our partner schools. Today we’re taking a big step in that direction by announcing the newest member of our school partnerships team, Sam Di Sano.

Allow me to introduce you to Sam...

Who is Sam anyway?

When it comes down to it, Sam has always considered himself a teacher. He has been teaching, in one capacity or another, for almost 30 years (although he won’t admit it) and in that time has spent 25 years in executive positions, 16 of which were as Deputy Principal and Head of Senior School.

Fun fact: He was the Deputy Principal for both Atomi Founders!

Tapping into this wealth of experience from within classroom and school leadership really excites us at Atomi. It gives us a really unique insight and solid basis of understanding for all areas of school life. Our aim is to support schools as much as possible and that starts with understanding everything from pastoral programs, operational processes, strategic planning and mentorship of aspiring leaders. Suffice to say, Sam has experience in all these areas.

Sam has also been engaged in three executive boards, including five years as the inaugural chairman of the Diocesan Primary School Board. He has experience in strategic leadership, curriculum and staff leadership as well as student leadership and mentoring. Sam is very passionate about working with young people in all aspects of life, whether that be running Nippers on Manly beach, in his History classroom or working with schools on student wellbeing.

Sam brings a huge amount of value to the team and we’re lucky to have him.

What is Sam going to be doing here?

Sam is going to be working really closely with our partner schools to identify the areas in need of greater support, resourcing and mentorship. Our goal is to provide a level of support beyond just our curriculum content and technology platform. Currently, we are focusing on two key areas:

1. Pedagogical and teaching support

  • Flipped and blended learning
  • Bringing video into the classroom
  • Dealing with digital technology in today’s schools
  • Effective ways to digitise your class
  • How to effectively engage 21st century students

2. Executive and school management support

  • Dealing with change and effective change management
  • Registration and accreditation
  • Risk management
  • Staff and student wellbeing
  • Policy writing and implementation

Sam will also be dealing with our relationships with all government departments, particularly the Department of Education and NESA, both of which are incredibly important as we look to bring more school partners onto the platform.

Finally, Sam will be the new author of the Atomi Staffroom where we collate and share the newest research, trends and topics related to the changing education landscape.

So keep your eyes peeled and ears pricked for that!

What does this mean for you?

Well, a lot. Firstly, you’ll be getting a nice digest of awesome content to your inbox every week. But more importantly you will now have the opportunity to join in on our newly developed NESA approved Professional Development courses, sessions and webinars to more effectively use technology in the classroom but also to learn about pedagogical shifts and how we can improve the classroom experience.

For school execs, you now have access to Sam who will be onsite working with you and your teams to put together a strategy to improve the way the school runs and deal with the myriad of issues that prevent a school from reaching its potential.

So, welcome Sam to the Atomi team, we’re super excited to have you on board! Now we can go a step further in providing the best support for teachers and schools.


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March 22, 2018

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